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You want smart solutions that empower you to exceed customer expectations in a rapidly changing market. You want systems that result in more efficiency, more effective customer service, and greater profitability. You want to grow your market share. Exponentially. As a major player in the commodity supply chain, you need more than just software — you need an agile, customized agribusiness enterprise system.

AGROSOFT is a comprehensive, advanced, and technically complete software solution for companies like yours.

  • Grain Elevators
  • Crop Inputs
  • Commodity Merchandising
  • Terminal Storage
  • Rail and Logistics
  • Feed, Fertilizer, and Chemical
  • Retail Stores

Do more with AGROSOFT:

Consistent and intuitive user interface reduces training time and increases productivity.

Real time position mitigates risk by incorporating hedging and live pricing.

Use your own terminology for storage methods and contract types.

Scale interface saves time and money by automatically capturing weights and grades.

Rapidly settle unpriced contracts by combining multiple deliveries or rail cars into a single transaction in order to simultaneously settle. Allow multiple pricing types for a single load. Compute storage charges, discounts, check offs, fees, taxes, and carrying charges automatically.

Creates checks automatically for quick producer payments.

User defined tables maximize flexibility: grade/discount tables, check offs, taxes, fee schedules, and carrying charges.

Creates contract advances or advances on unpriced grain as it is delivered.

Multiple transport modes allow you to easily ship grain via trucks, rail cars, barges, or vessels with quick pricing to contracts and rapid invoicing.

Flexible third party payment options enable you to add freight costs to invoice, pay multiple carriers for different freight legs, or pay other charges like berthage or stevedoring.

Charge user defined fees at transaction and invoicing time.

Withdraw grain from storage and charge accrued storage through withdrawal date as part of the shipment transaction.

Customize settlement and invoice document formats.

Automatically generate journal entries with drill down to source transactions.

E-mail/SMS/Text of contracts, payments, settlement documents, invoices, statements, and various reports.

Fully customizable security allows you to hide/protect any field in the system, and ensures the right people see the right information.

EDI with customizable formats to facilitate automated information flow between parties seamlessly, efficiently, and accurately.

Preview settlements prior to check creation.