About Us

For over 40 years, the team at GSS has provided customized solutions to enterprise level and growth oriented companies throughout North America.

Every business is unique, but at GSS we know how to customize our software and your installation to maximize your organization’s potential. 

Whether you’re running a global agribusiness, a grain elevator, feed mill, fertilizer business, or retail store - our team has the accounting, business, and technical expertise needed to provide you with the solutions you need.

Our software is wonderful.  Our team is even better.

GSS Chicago Team Photo

our team

One of our first customers told us, “You’re not like a vendor. You’re like an extension of our team.” That’s a standard we still strive for in everything we do, each and every day.

Our company is entirely US based. Developers, project managers, and support staff for every product work together closely to help you reach your goals. All of our developers are also business analysts.

From the first phone call, you’ll be talking directly to the business analysts and developers who will work with you to make your business a success. Combining management, analysis, and development is a unique approach, but we think it leads to better communication, faster service, and happier clients.