Consider us your secret weapon.

Grossman Software Solutions provides industry leading commodity management software systems to agricultural companies throughout North America.

Supercharge your operations.

Our deep, broad knowledge of agribusiness allows us to expertly 
customize our software to your unique operations.

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Enterprise-level database software product designed to handle the most challenging information system demands faced by today’s large, modern agribusiness.
Engineered to meet the demanding information needs of today’s modern agribusiness. Provides functionality for all types of small to medium size agricultural companies.

What our customers are saying

Working with Grossman Software Solutions is similar to having extra family members. They care about our Company’s success and growth as much as we do. They are our ‘Chicago office’. 

- Misty Blake Knox
Senior Project Manager
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GSS is a valuable partner for GrainsConnect Canada. As we bring our game-changing supply chain to market - and connect family farms in Western Canada to international destinations - GSS has been a key contributor to our success.

- Warren Stowe
GrainsConnect Canada
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I often use Grossman as an example of an ideal software vendor to partner with.  The depth of knowledge, in both the product and the industry, that everyone at Grossman demonstrated has been unmatched by any vendor I have worked with.

- Greg Hudson
Former Project Manager

Leaders in customer service! The Grossman Software Solutions team is readily available to assist with support, new designs, troubleshooting and problem solving.

- Aisha Mamaril
Business Solutions Delivery Manager
Parrish & Heimbecker
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GSS has been great to work with when it comes to building and customizing unique, individual reports that give us valuable information.

- Michael Kaeb
Goodwine Co-op
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Teamwork, understanding our business, and the persistence to get the job done are important attributes of GSS. Perhaps the most notable advantage of the GSS team is its ability to interact with our people and develop solutions for long-term growth. Thank you GSS!

- Martin Swineyard
GrainsConnect Canada
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The team at Grossman Software Solutions is always happy to learn our business processes to better assist with new innovations, implementations and business solutions.

- Diana Johnston
Senior System Analyst, Business Projects
Parrish & Heimbecker
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Over the years, the staff at GSS has proven to be an invaluable tool to Legacy Grain Cooperative. They have listened to our needs and partnered with us to design software and accounting solutions that have enabled us to operate efficiently, accurately and at the forefront of our industry. The support team is a pool of well-versed employees with knowledge and expertise in the agriculture industry, quickly responding to our inquiries and guiding us to solutions.

- Sharon Carlson
Accounting Specialist
Legacy Grain Cooperative
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